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Finance Insurance, Ltd.  is proud to offer our customers 24/7 access to their insurance information. Insurance issues don’t just happen from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday. CSR-24 enables you to access your insurance information, manage your account, file a claim, request a certificate and more 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Obtain the information you need, when you need it – right from your computer or mobile device.  If you have not been setup as a CSR-24 customer, please follow the instructions below or email us at with your account name and contact info to get your account setup. Time is your most valuable asset, and FIL helps you make the most of it with 24 hour insurance customer service!


How to create your account for instance access to the Finance Insurance Ltd CSR-24 Customer Portal:

 Information you will need before you begin:

  • Telephone number we have on file
  • Current period policy number
  • Current policy period expiration date (policy period covering today's date)


Note: If this information is not available or you have any problems, you can still create an account by clicking the
Submit Anyway button or by emailing us. A staff member will contact you with the log in information for you.


Instructions to Enroll:   (click Here for a printable copy)


Get the above information and access our web page at

Click on the CSR-24 Button or scan the QR Code:

Click on the Sign Me Up Button:

Enter all the required fields:

First Name, Last Name and email address

Enter any optional fields and click the Create Account Now button.


Create Account Page:


Enter phone number on record for you. If this is a business enter your main company number. If this is personal enter our main contact number for you - either your home or cell phone. Area code is required.
Example: 808-522-2040

Enter your main policy number for the current policy period. Example: HUR1234567

Enter the expiration date of the current policy period. mm-dd-yyyy Example: 12-31-2012

Click the Create Account Now button

Create a login name.

Create a password. It must be at least 6 characters long and contain at least one number. Confirm the password. Write this information down and keep it secure.

Click the Create Account Now button to access your CSR 24 Insurance Portal.



Can't create a login?: If you are unable to successfully create an account now, click Submit Anyway. A staff member will contact you with the log in information for you.

Lost Password?: Please click on the "Forgot Password?" link on the sign in page. You can also contact your agent, call the main office on Oahu at 808-522-2040, neighbor islands at 800-956-4467 or email and request a new password. Please include account name and policy number with request.

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